PPN History

Since opening in 2017, PPN has served a growing visitor base for both calls and chats.

With this expansion, our volunteer base has also grown, allowing us to be open for three nights a week this semester from the original two nights. 

To gauge visitor satisfaction and to measure our ability to help students, PPN uses a post-chat survey. Of the visitors who responded to some or all of the questions,

  • 91% of chat visitors who took the survey said they found their chat specialist somewhat helpful, very helpful,  or extremely helpful.
  • 80% of chat visitors who took the survey responded that they felt significantly better than when they started the chat.

Our main goals for the year are to expand the program to increase volunteer numbers and call/chat visitor numbers, to eventually increase the number of days per week that we are open, and to continue to update our training to ensure that our volunteers are equipped to aid visitors with any problem they are facing. Most importantly, we are continuing to grow through spreading awareness of PPN on Princeton’s campus. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us!