Who We Are

Our Board

While all Peer Listeners remain anonymous throughout their time working with Nightline, we have four directors who serve as the public faces of our organization, coordinating Nightline’s recruitment of new listeners, publicizing our services, and integrating our work into the Princeton community. Our current directors are Fatinah Albeez (’23), Luke Bunday (’23), Anushka Dheer (’23), and Katherine Cho (’24).

A little bit about each of us:

Fatinah Albeez ’23 (she/) is a Chemical and Biological Engineering major from Troy, Michigan, pursuing certificates in Global Health & Health Policy and Engineering Biology. On campus, a few things she is involved in are Class Council, Community House, and Society for Women Engineers.  Fatinah volunteers with PPN because she believes that all students in the Princeton community should feel supported by their peers and have access to a safe space to be heard and understood. 

Luke Bunday ’23 (he/him) is an East Asian Studies major from Minnetonka, Minnesota. Outside of PPN, he is a member of the Princeton University Biological Sciences Society and the Asian American Student Association. Luke volunteers with PPN because he wants to create a space where students can talk through their concerns with someone who also has experience with the challenges of life at Princeton.

Anushka Dheer ’23 (she/her) is a Chemistry major from Atlanta, Georgia pursuing a certificate in Global Health & Health Policy. Outside of PPN, she is also a Learning Consultant with McGraw. Anushka volunteers with PPN because she believes that all students should have a place to feel supported without judgement!

Katherine Cho ’24 (she/her) is a Molecular Biology major from Long Island, New York. Outside of PPN, she is also a volunteer and trainer for CONTACT of Mercer County and a member of the Princeton Bee Team. Katherine volunteers with PPN because she believes that everyone deserves to speak what’s on their mind.